welcome spring!


Coming Clean

So, I've been a little dishonest. You know that project I was telling you about months ago? The one I said I'd give myself until the end of the year to finish? Well, all this third trimester insomnia has been really productive. I've got a brand new blog. Or two.

I've had a blast at boho misfit, but felt as though I've been growing out of it for some time. I needed a fresh perspective and a new palate. Or two. I do hope you join me at my new space(s).Here is the main blog, if you come along, you can follow the links to the others if you like as well. 


Celebrating the Belly

belly cast                                                      henna

37 weeks on Saturday! Got the birthing pool and all supplies at home. Now just waiting for baby!


Still Alive

b12 048.1

I'm still here, just very very pregnant. And computer chairs are not good for swollen feet. Spring is so amazing in the desert we are spending all our free time outside, the rest of the time is spent napping. I am an incubator right now after all. Missing all you bloggy lovelies. Hope to be back more regularly soon.


Still Doing the Laundry

Did you buy it yet? Maybe you won't have too. 

Enter to win a copy of Maezen's Book 

I know this is starting to seem like a blog homage to KMM, but well, I love her what can I say. 

Too tired, too pregnant, to busy chasing toddler's to blog. But not too tired to read.